University of Toronto - Geographic Information and Mapping II - Spring, 2013

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Type of Class

an introductory GIS class

Course Format

traditional, face-to-face

Course Duration

a full semester, 12 weeks or more

Course Structure

lecture/discussion and labs combined

Software required:


This course builds on GGR272 (Geographic Information and Mapping I) and continues the examination of the major theoretical and analytical components of a geographic information system and spatial analysis.  Some topics from GGR272 are discussed in more depth and new topics are introduced.  The lectures discuss underlying theory and its implementation in GIS software.  The assignments give students the opportunity to learn for themselves how to put that theory into practice, gaining more hands-on experience with the software.

This is a face-to-face course, but I also allowed students to watch, listen, and ask questions via live webinar.  Students could access the webinar using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, and see whatever was shown on screen in class, and hear me speaking.  Students asked questions and conversed with each other through a chat window.  These webinars were recorded so that students could access them later.  There were 92 students enrolled in the course.

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