Geographic Information and Mapping I - Fall, 2012

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Type of Class

an introductory GIS class

Course Format

traditional, face-to-face

Course Duration

a full semester, 12 weeks or more

Course Structure

lecture/discussion and labs combined

Software required:


This course is an introduction to digital mapping and spatial analysis using a geographic information system (GIS).  Students learn how to create their own maps and how to use a GIS to analyze geographic problems using methods that can be applied to a wide variety of subject areas within geography and in other disciplines.  In the lectures, we discuss mapping and analysis concepts and how they can be applied using GIS software.  In the assignments, students then learn how to use the software.

This is an introductory GIS course for students intending to take a GIS minor, as well as for students who need a methods course for their major. There were 169 students in the course.

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