Introduction to Geospatial Technologies

By: Bradley Shellito

Introduction to Geospatial Technologies

Published in: 2011

1st edition, published by W. H. Freeman

This book is intended for: introductory GIS class, basic or general class on digital mapping

Academic levels: any student

Nature of this book: General text book, also includes some kind of lab activities


From the publishers’s website: Designed for use in an introductory GIS, Digital Earth, or combined introductory GIS/remote sensing course, Introduction to Geospatial Technologies introduces the wide range of geographic information systems available to and used by geographers.  Each chapter is divided into two sections:an introduction to the technology and a hands-on lab activity that utilizes free software widely available on the Internet or ArcGIS, depending on the instructor’s preference.  Because of its introductory approach and wide-ranging applicability, the book can be used effectively by both non-majors and majors.

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