becoming an ea

Unlike CPAs who must be licensed in each state, EAs can represent clients anywhere in the country. Their expertise and IRS-given authority also allow them to earn significantly more than typical tax preparers. Thanks to their wide services and fiercely competitive prices, your time, money, and resources will be saved while dealing with tax returns and the IRS. An audit of your business deductions, expenses and income is in order.

Our step-by-step curriculum designed for EA exam preparation allows you to gain expertise in all areas tested on the exam. Enrolled Agent (EA) is the highest credential in the tax industry, awarded by the IRS. This guide will help you understand what the credential means to you as a tax preparer, outline the complete process to become an EA, and how to leverage Surgent Income Tax School to accelerate the process. To obtain the EA license, an individual must have either worked for the IRS for a few years or completed a tough three-part exam covering individual and corporate taxes and ethics. In your first year as an EA, you’ll be the only person in your firm that handles taxes. But you will gain experience and knowledge that you can use to help future clients.

Step 4: Apply for Enrollment to Practice Before the IRS and Pay the Fee

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Plus, we’ll share the guidance and tips we’ve accumulated over decades of helping candidates like you earn their Enrolled Agent certification. At the end of the exam, candidates receive a notification on their computer screen indicating that they have passed. The IRS only determines if a test-taker is qualified, not how qualified they may be.

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Other students, Jewish advocacy groups and Republican lawmakers are slamming Shafik for not cracking down on protests — which they say have included antisemitic rhetoric — both on campus and outside its gates. Protesters at the University of Texas at Austin were asked to leave the campus’s South Mall at 10 p.m. The campus encampments spreading across the nation have brought together students from a variety of backgrounds — including Palestinians, Arabs, Jews and Muslims — to decry Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. EAs help ensure clients are treated appropriately by the IRS, work out payment plans on the best possible terms, and ensure the IRS follows laws that protect taxpayers, Miles says.

  • Now that you’re an Enrolled Agent, the only thing left for you to do is keep up with your annual credits.
  • Columbia protesters say they won’t disperse until the school commits to a “complete divestment” of its funds from entities connected to Israel.
  • If you notice any issues, reach out to Prometric as soon as possible to correct your appointment information.
  • The IRS does not require any specific educational background to become an enrolled agent.
  • EAs who also hold CPA licensure and wish to investigate financial crimes might consider becoming certified in financial forensics (CFF).

Tax preparers, accountants, and those wanting to move into tax preparation can gain confidence with an EA license. Enrolled agents must complete 72 hours of continuing education every 36 months to maintain their enrollment status with IRS. They are subject to the guidelines of Circular 230, which provides ethical standards in their profession.

What Is an Enrolled Agent (EA)?

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becoming an ea

Enrolled Agent jobs can be found in a variety of organizations from large public accounting firms to small accounting businesses. The opportunities for tax preparers become more varied with Enrolled Agent status, and candidates will find that career doors open up with the certification. Unlike other professional accounting becoming an ea certifications, there are no education or experience requirements you have to meet to become an EA. You aren’t required to have a college degree, and you don’t even to have to meet a minimum experience requirement as a tax preparer. This means you’re free to get started (and reap the rewards) as soon as you want!

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